Body Part Protection

cWorld’s radiation protection shields are designed for the protection of the body parts which are most susceptible to radiation, such as the gonads, the thyroid and the brain. They can be worn alone if the radiation may affect certain body parts only – or, together with aprons, to complete the protection with these extra elements.

Each of them has lead-free version: Tru-Lite shields are significantly lighter than classical lead products. It is worth considering investing into Tru-Lite products for those, who have to wear not only aprons, but additional protection shields, too, for an extended period of time.

All shields come in 3 different protection levels – 0.25mmPb, 0.35mmPb and .5mmPb – and 7 different colours. The models are one-size fits-all, but their size can be adjusted, too.

All shields are available in custom size, and/or with logos embroidered on them.